When warm, dry air is critical to the manufacturing process, air dryers are often installed as part of the plant’s compressed air system. One of the most common designs is a non-cycling direct expansion refigerated air-dryer. API Heat Transfer has developed the PCR, or pre-cooler, cooler, reheater, designed specifically to meet the needs of the refrigerated air dryer market.

The PCR is a compact multi-section all-aluminum heat exchanger featuring a brazed bar & plate design. The PCR pre-cools the incoming air using the cold air exiting the refrigerant section. It then final cools the air in the refrigerant section at which point the air stream enters a separation chamber to allow the condensed moisture to fall out. Since the air is reheated in the regeneration section, the final humidity remains below 25%.

API makes a range of standard sizes or can custom design specific range of PCR’s to meet the demands of high-volume OEM’s.

Standard Model Range:Models 1 throu 6
Standard Capacities76 SCFM to 600 SCFM
Integral Separatoroptional