SIGMATEC Dealcoholisation plant

Advantages of SIGMATEC Dealcoholization-Systems

  • Selective alcohol separation with minimal aroma loss.
  • Gentle dealcoholization using low temperature vacuum technology.
  • Complete dealcoholization to less than 0.1 % alcohol.
  • Optimum adaptability to different products and formulations.
  • Operation with hot water or steam.
  • Performance data: 4-150 hl/h and more.
  • Completely continuous and automatically controlled.
  • No effluent problems.
  • Industrial alcohol as subsidiary end product, ready for immediate marketing

SIGMATEC Dealcoholization-System for wine or beer. Another successful development by API Schmidt-Bretten is the SIGMATEC process, designed for the dealcoholization of beer and wine. This new procedure using continuous vacuum rectification, ensures a gentle removal of alcohol.

Process Description:

After degassing, the product is preheated in the SIGMA Plate Heat Exchanger and is then fed to the stripping section of a rectifying column.

The fluid flows down the column at a temperature between 43 and 48°C. In counter flow the product contacts rising vapours which bring about the selective separation of the alcohol from the product.

The alcohol free wine/beer is then fed from the bottom of the column into an evaporator. In the evaporater, vapours are produced, which are necessary for the rectification process. These are then redirected into the column. The completely dealcoholised product is pumped out of the plant via a cooler.

The alcohol rich vapours pass from the stripping section to the rectification section where they are concentrated to 75% alcohol.

In the Aroma Recovery Unit aroma components are recovered and redirected into the wine/beer. The alcohol rich vapours are condensed, cooled to a low temperature and stored in a tank in the form of industrial alcohol, which is a saleable product, which can be marketed immediately.