Spare Parts

Original SIGMA spare parts are high level quality products to ensure the safeness of your production process and avoid unplanned production outages.

The central warehouse on our site in Bretten, Germany stores a wide range of original SIGMA parts.
The documentation of each plate heat exchangers delivered to our customers enables us to identify the original specification and parts of the ordered plate heat exchanger and ensures the correct delivery of each spare part in original Schmidt quality.

If it is necessary to re-manufacture individual parts, this can be done shortly.

Reliable spare parts service

  • High avaiability of spare parts even for elder and discontinued SIGMA types
  • High reliability by using original SIGMA spare parts
  • Quick worldwide delivery of original spare parts (i.e. gaskets, plates, adhesives) for SIGMA plate heat exchangers
  • Optional assembling of the parts or reassembling of plate heat exchangers by our qualified service technicians
  • Even if you arrange service and reconditioning activities by yourself, only orginal SIGMA spare parts ensure optimal results
  • Inspection and compilation of spare plates regarding the latest operating conditions