Liquid nitrogen dosing systems

Vacuum Barrier’s NITRODOSE ® Liquid Nitrogen Injection systems provide the most precise liquid nitrogen dosing to add strength to non-carbonated beverages for light-weight packaging and displace oxygen to extend shelf life.

The NITRODOSE ® Liquid Nitrogen Injection systems are designed to inject a drop of rapidly expanding liquid nitrogen into the headspace of a container before capping or sealing. The resulting pressure adds strength to thin walled containers and reduces the headspace oxygen content.

NITRODOSE ® Liquid Nitrogen Injection systems are used for both hot and cold fill light-weight packages with accurate pressure achieved. Various types of NITRODOSE ® Liquid Nitrogen Injection systems are available for different requirements.


Table: Comparison

PROPERTIESMinidoseEasyDose G2 and G2 LITEEasyDose G2 PlusNitrodose G2Nitrodose G2 ProNitrodose G2 SERVODOSERHS Aseptic
Maximum discrete dosing speed200 CPM450 CPM2000 CPM450 CPM2000 CPM2000 CPM750 CPM
Minimum dose duration25 ms25 ms6 ms25 ms6 ms4 ms12 ms
Maximum direct LN2 feed pressure1,5 bar1,5 bar1,5 bar8,3 bar8,3 bar8,3 bar12 bar
Monitored level controlNoNoNoStdStdStdStd
Accuracy in dose weight+/- 5%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 1%+/- 3%
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