Deareation Systems

Advantages of the SIGMAVAC Deaerator system

  • Quality improvement by removal of air before pasteurising
  • Aroma recovery
  • By integration into a SIGMATHERM short-time heating system,
  • no additional heating is needed
  • Compact construction

SIGMAVAC Deaerator Systems

This system is used for the deaeration of fruit and vegetable juices and purees, tomato paste, jam and jellies, applesauce, viscous liquids, and juices containing pulp, before the pasteurisation process. In many production processes, the presence of air is unavoidable.

To attain a better quality product, when pasteurising the presence of air must be avoided. With the use of a Deaerator system, optimum pasteurisation conditions are achieved by the removal of air and gas using controlled vacuum and temperature. Further improvement in the quality of the product is achieved through an aroma recovery process. Aroma is recovered within the condensator and reintroduced into the product. The SIGMAVAC Deaerator system can be integrated into the SIGMATHERM short time heater system. All of the SIGMATHERM system functions such as heat recovery, pumps, measure and control systems can then be used for the SIGMAVAC Deaerator system.