Sugar and starch industry

The employment of SIGMA plate heat exchangers, SIGMATHERM plate pasturizers and SIGMASTAR plate evaporators for this important branch of industry is widespread and continuously increasing.

The manufactured intermediate and final products are a component part for countless preparations, such as cookies, bars, confectionery, sauces, soft drinks, ice cream, fruit syrups, jams, baked goods, yogurt, babyfood etc. Starch products are also employed in the manufacture of paper and textiles!

Sugar industry

  • Heating, concentration and cooling of sugar juice and sugar derivatives
  • Pre-heating and pasteurizing of diluted juices
  • Heating and cooling of syrup and molasses
  • Heat recovery of molasses and laitance
  • Multi-stage vaporizing systems for cane and beet sugar, invert sugar and palatinite
  • Multi-stage vaporizing systems for oligo-fruit sugars and insulin solutions

Starch industry

  • Heating and cooling of starch solutions
  • Heating and cooling of corn spring water and wheat starch – waste water
  • Super-heating of saccharified starch solutions for the inactivation of enzymes
  • Multi-stage vaporizing systems for glucose, dextrose, maltose and sorbitol
  • High concentration of HFS 95 fruit sugar
  • Pre-freezing and deep-freezing of syrups and concentrates
  • Condensation of flash steam

Application example SUGAR

In case of sugar manufacture, the raw juice obtained from beet or cane sugar is cleaned, warmed up and concentrated in multi-stage SIGMASTAR concentration plants, this is all done with gentle handling of the product, after which it is cooled down again.

Application example GLUCOSE SYRUP

A glucose juice extracted from corn starch and then enzymatically saccharified and filtered is heated to a high temperature, concentrated in multi-stage SIGMASTAR concentration plants (up to 84% TS) and cooled down again by means of flash cooler.