At a very early stage, the edible oil industry discovered the great advantages of plate heat exchangers and has employed them in many different process steps. SIGMA plate heat exchangers are employed with particularly high temperatures in this case, up to approx. 220°C.

Specially developed, asbestos-free, compressed fiber gaskets ensure long-term process safety in these high-temperature applications. For applications in the medium-temperature range, specially developed soft-lip gaskets are available, which can also be supplied in the adhesive-free fixing design.

With our product, all applications in the edible oil industry sector can therefore be covered. Our customers in this sector have relied on SIGMA heat exchangers for decades.

Typical areas of application of SIGMA plate heat exchangers in the prduction process of edible oil are:

  • Cooling and heating of edible oil
  • Cooling of fatty acids
  • Heat recovery in the refining process
  • Winterizing of edible oil

Application example: EDIBLE OIL

Pressed edible oil, from various fruits and crops, such as olives or sunflowers, is heated in tanks for neutralization and cleaning, as well as remove various odor-causing materials. Over different stages, the oil achieves the level of purity which is finally provided to the end user in the supermarket. In order to store the pure oil again in tanks, it must be cooled down to normal temperature. This cooling comes about through our SIGMA plate heat exchanger, using an especially mild handling process and taking up very little space. A continuous cooling capacity is guaranteed by the parallel circuit arrangement of several units in this case.