Alternative Energies

Plate heat exchangers are employed in various different processes in the area of renewable energies. In particular in the manufacture of biodiesel, not only are the process data of great importance for operational integrity, but also the necessary materials. In the different process steps, different compositions of products result. This requires a precise knowledge of the process. The same applies for the generation of bioethanol, where the consistence of the starting substance is decisive.

In case of applications in geothermics, the water quality of the thermal water must be assured. In the same way, special demands can be expected as a result of the occurring pressure characteristics. In geothermics, work is carried out at a higher pressure level, dependent on the depth of the bore and the quantities to be conveyed.

Typical tasks for SIGMA plate heat exchanger are:

  • Cooling and heating of RME
  • Cooling and heating of glycerine
  • Pre-warming of crude oil
  • Heat recovery with RME
  • Cooling of water circulation systems

Application : Biodiesel

In applications with biodiesel, the plate heat exchangers are equipped with high-quality seals made from Viton, in order to resist high chemical stressing. The employment of sealed plate heat exchangers is necessary, due to the dirt-accumulation characteristics of heat exchangers, they must be opened for cleaning.

Application : Geothermics

In geothermics, strongly corrosive water from deep rock formations is pumped. This requires the employment of high-quality materials, such as titanium. In the same way, large volume flows are pumped so that equipment types of large sizes are employed (e.g. SIGMA 156; SIGMA 229). In applications in geothermics, it is necessary that the heat exchanger can be opened for cleaning.