Traditionally, plate heat exchangers have been employed for decades in the engine rooms of ships, whether container ships or cruise ships, for the most varied cooling tasks within the engine room.

SIGMA plate heat exchangers are in use over the seven seas.

Corrosion-proof materials, such as titanium, are employed for the heat exchanger plates in cases of sea water applications.

  Typical tasks for SIGMA plate heat exchanger are:
  • Central cooling of the main and auxiliary motors
  • Lubricating oil cooling
  • Heating of sea water for fresh water generation
  • Heating of heavy oil or diesel oil
  • Cooling of engine cooling water
  • Preparation of circulating water for cylinder and generator cooling

Application example: Shipyard in China

We received an order from a shipyard located in China for the equipping of a total of 8 ships, distributed over a time period of 3 years. Per ship, 2 central cooler units SIGMA M229 are employed for the cooling of 550 m³/h fresh water by means of 620 m³/h sea water, 2 fresh water coolers SIGMA M 66, 1 lubrication oil cooler SIGMA M156 and 1 water cooler SIGMA K 48.