Pulp and Paper Industry

The production of pulp and papers are processes with high energy consumption. Steadily rising energy prices remarkably increase the cost of production for the pulp and paper industry.

This is one of the reasons making plate heat exchangers to a crucial element for multiple applications in this field. The high thermal transfer rates of plate heat exchangers lead to an optimization of the energetic conditions on the production site. That improves the quality of the final products, reduces the overall costs and preserves the environment.

Typical tasks for SIGMA plate heat exchanger in the pulp and paper industry are:

  • Evaporation of waste water
  • Cooling of waste water
  • Cooling of hydraulic oil for motors and gearboxes
  • Heating of clear filtrate
  • Usage of condensate for heat recovery
  • Heating of processwater with steam
  • Secondary water loops
  • Cooling of backwash water
  • Cooling of wash water