Fan-Cooled Units

Our line of API Heat Transfer Fan Cooled Heat Exchangers provides a standardized, reliable and self-contained solution for remote cooling requirements in both the Industrial and Mobile Vehicle markets. These compact, high efficiency Oil Coolers and Aftercoolers can be the perfect answer for applications where cooling requirements are remotely located, cooling water is unavailable or impractical, or where coolants may be subject to freezing.
These pre-engineered packages include an all-aluminum vacuum brazed bar & plate heat exchanger for superior durability and performance in a cost-effective, compact, light weight construction. Motors can be supplied in either 60 hertz or 50 hertz AC versions, or 12 volt DC versions. Both come complete with finger guard and shroud.

Our product range encompasses 11 different model sizes. The first 8 sizes are vertical mounts with horizontal air flow, while the three largest sizes are horizontal mounts with vertical air flow. The units come with a variety of standard options, ensuring our customer gets what they need with very short lead-times.

Sizes:Models 1 through 11 
Configurations:Single or 2-passsingle pass