Stationary Power

The worldwide rising demand on electric power for process heat production processes in the industry or the supply of electric power for private consumers lead to a constant boom in the field of stationary power.

Safe operation of power plants requires a steady cooling of bearings, lube oils and rotor blades of diesel or gasmotors and steam or gas turbines. To ensure a proper cooling and therefore an outstanding efficiency of the power generation the use of plate heat exchangers in different designs and sizes come into operation.

Typical tasks for SIGMA plate heat exchanger in the stationary power market are:

  • Evaporation of working fluids
  • Condensation of working fluids
  • Extraction of heat
  • Re-cooling of cooling circuits
  • Cooling of lube oil
  • Cooling of motor cooling water

Application example: Cooling water circuit

Stationary power plants need huge quantities of cooling water. This closed cooling water circuits mostly are cooled down with river or sea water. The use of gasketed plate heat exchangers is favorable, because they easily can be opened for cleaning. This avoids an output reduction through the fouling of the cooling units by defilements in the secondary cooling water.