• Virtually maintenance free liquid nitrogen dosing system for high speed lines.
  • Discrete dosing for speeds up to 75.000 bottles/hour and 120.000 cans/hour, continuous flow for higher speeds
  • Precision metering during steady stream without nozzle changes
  • LN2-supply at max 7 bars = Suitable for typical bulk tank supply without need for dedicated phase separator
  • Dosing accuracy : 1%
  • Minimum dosing valve opening time of 5ms for easy adjustability of dosed quantity at all line speeds.
  • Exceptional long-life servo actuator


Base unit including :

  • Fully vacuum jacketed, stainless steel dosing unit. Electronic level controller with pneumatic inlet valve. Dosing arm with electrical high speed valve. Safety relief valve.
  • Heated nozzle area and gas vent
  • Integrated self generating nozzle purge system. No dedicated nitrogen gas supply required.
  • Quick purge/ Quick warm up
  • Pressure regulator for compressed air or nitrogen gas for pneumatic inlet valve actuation.
  • Waterproof electrical junction box with stainless steel cover and integrated LN2 feed pressure gauge.
  • Remote Siemens S7-1200 control panel with Color Siemens KTP600, 6” touch screen HMI (230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz) in stainless steel NEMA 4x rated housing and alarm beacon.

or alternatively

  • Allen Bradley AB1400 control panel with Color AB Panelview Component 600, 6” touch screen HMI (230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz) in stainless steel NEMA 4x rated housing and alarm beacon.
  • 6 meter electrical cables. 15 meter cable sets are optionally available.
  • Advanced Self diagnostics logics with standard 2 alarm relay outputs (Profibus optionally available)
  • Encoder ready
  • Speed- and dose compensation capabilities
  • 5 recipe storage
  • Advanced graphical user interface with doser pictograms and self diagnostics
  • Speed sensor (proximity).
  • Infrared sensor for bottle detection (Dosing enabled only when container is present)
  • Available languages for HMI and operation manuals : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
  • Complete operation- and service manual


  • Additional LN2 feed line : standard length is 3 meters from tank to doser. Any additional meter should be ordered in this option. Bayonet couplings will be needed in case of lengths longer than 12 meters.
  • A standard 6 meter cables set from the doser to the PLC is included. Instead, a 15 meter set can be ordered optionally.
  • Profibus communication utility between doser and filler
  • Encoder with 10 m cable & shaft coupling (bracket not included). Shaft coupling for 10mm shaft sizes. Amount of containers/revolution to be specified.
  • Additional languages for HMI and operation manuals upon request. The following languages are standard : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.


  • For an overview of the different dosing head lay-outs, please click here
  • LDV (Low Dose Velocity) heater block e.g. for hot fill applications (P/N : 56882)
  • CIP heater block: automatic nozzle protection (P/N : 52850)
  • The HF-LDV (Hot Fill-Low Dose Velocity) Heater Block (P/N : 61137)
  • Combi LDV/CIP heater block: combines both benefits of the LDV and CIP heater block (P/N : 55300)


  • Stainless steel (height adjustable) support in AISI 304 material (also available in AISI 316 on request). This support can be either on a 2×2 pod or a bottom plate basis.

Different dosing head lay-outs