Jmr Europe Sp. z o.o. with a high supplier rating

JMR Europe Sp. z o.o. company as a supplier of parts for plate heat exchangers and complete plate exchangers at every stage of the delivery process, cares about the quality of its services. We pay particular attention to the punctuality of orders and to the completeness of delivered spare parts such as boards or gaskets.

Our clients’ time is precious to us, we do not want to lose it. Among other things, for this reason, we have introduced in our company an online system of handling orders CRM allowing us to track the status of the project, update the project, and take care of the good of our customers. JMR Europe Ltd.’s efforts were appreciated and Perschmann Poland has awarded us with a high rating of the supplier, thank you for the trust you place in us, we are proud that we can remain in the company of Perschmann Polska – we invite you to cooperation!

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