Automatic Rotary Module TYPE: MRI 110/16

  • Supplied solely with compressed air
  • High operational safety
  • Low operating costs
  • Dispensing accuracy
  • Possibility of cycle regulation
  • Small dimensions
  • Modularity – possibility of implementing additional devices
Technical specification

Height: 1710 mm
Width: 1230 mm
Lenght: 1320 mm
Indexing wheel diameter: 1100 mm
Weight: 300 kg
Working pressure: 6-8 bar
Air consumption: 12-25 m3/h (depending on equipment and production capacity)
Capacity: up 2400 pcs/h

The MRI 110/16 is a fully automatic device used for production of perfumes with atomizers in glass bottles. The machine operation is fully pneumatic and it is used to fill containers (glass or plastic bottles) with liquid product. Materials of highest quality (stainless and acid resistant steel) are used for the MRI construction, thus allowing working conditions even in a highly hazardous environment. The MRI machine is supplied solely with compressed air which prevents the hazard of explosion during the production process. With such a solution in place, the MRI machine is not only economical in exploitation but also provides a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industry. Exchangeable indexing wheel sockets, easy and smooth regulation of modules height: filling and crimping allows changing production profile efficiently and, owing to to this, the adaptation to quickly changing market demands does not create any problem.

A vacuum filling system has been implemented for MRI 110/16 to provide a constant level of filled liquid, even where bottle capacity is variable (e. g. glass bottles with different bottom height). Four filling heads ensure fast bottle filling even with products of a high density and high foaming index. The MRI machine is also adapted to install a volume oriented filling system (precise dosage setting with the help of a measuring instrument). All filling module heads are equipped with an accurate guiding system. Thanks to such a solution the filling nozzle will always set itself inside the bottle.

The pre-crimper provides for a correct embedding of atomizers onto the bottle,thus eliminating a risk of damaging bottles even when the tube with too high a height appears in the atomizer.

The crimping module’s intended use is to provide a tight crimp of atomizers onto aerosol cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles. The module is equipped with an exchangeable head allowing for a quick change of the production profile.

The valve is an additionally implemented protection that will immediately stop the whole device unless the container with the crimped atomizer is removed from the socket.

The MRI 110/16 independently creates the vacuum needed for filling the system supply and because of that it is not necessary to use any additional installations. Any excess of filled liquid is removed with the help of tank systems and a pneumatic pump which recycle the liquid back to the main tank, thus improving the production continuity and product savings.

The modern design of the MRI pneumatic drive prevents creating backlashes at the indexing wheel and ensures that bottles and atomizers are not broken. This provides for a long and reliable work.