Cap Inserter TYPE: Z-1102

A machine used for automatic placing of caps onto aerosol cans. One of the final module in the production line. It is equipped with an indexing drive, on which a can guiding set is mounted which automatically picks up the cans off the belt. The caps are provided from the Z-3004 cap sorter with the help of guiding rail. The whole unit is closed in a stainless steel casing with safe glass.
Technical specifications

Length: 610 mm
Width: 500 mm
Height: 1800 mm (+/- 50 mm)
Made of: stainless steel
Housing: safety glass
Power supply: electrical/pneumatic
Capacity: up to 80 pcs/min.
The height of supported cans: 65 mm – 350 mm
The diameters of supported cans: Ø 35 – Ø 66 mm