Applications for the Food Industry

Particulate Products

Considering the complex nature of particulate products, SACOME tubular heat exchangers and food processing plants are carefully designed to avoid a block due to the large size of the solids, taking care of ensuring the quality and safety of the whole process.

Tomato, Sauces & Dressings

The main advantage of our Heat Exchangers and Process Plants is the increasing of the thermal exchange coefficients and the reduction of the processing time, keeping the aromas and flavours of the product.

Fruit Juices and Beverages

Pasteurization to eliminate the presence of micro-organisms and extend the product shelf life, or cooling for aseptically filling are some representative examples of the typical processes of our corrugated tube heat exchangers and Process Plants.

Worts Cooling

SACOME is one of the major supplier for the most important world-leading companies for whisky distilleries and other spirit drinks, such as beer worts and beer extract.


SACOME corrugated tube heat exchangers have excellent performance during the process for remelting and fluidify semisolid margarine, to do the cooling of it before filling.


Special processes as ultra-high-temperature (UHT) require systems with high running times and low fouling. In this field SACOME corrugated heat exchangers have no competition with other heat exchangers configurations.


SACOME heat transfer technology to pasteurize and cool these products.This makes it possible to extend shelf life of the product. The application of our own technology of corrugated tubes helps to give added value to the product, being the quality the key factor.

Eggs and Eggs Products

With the aim to extend the shelf life of the liquid egg and egg products (as egg yolk or egg white), the pasteurization process is the core step.