Almost all of our products are used in breweries and soft drinks industry. This is our most important market! Our sensors and process systems are used in the beverage industry throughout whole production process.

Centec sensors are used to measure:

  • O2 concentration during degassing of water
  • Content of the extract in the fermenter and in the wort tub
  • extract content during cooling of the wort
  • O2 concentration during aeration of the wort
  • O2 concentrations during the CO2 recovery process
  • O2, CO2, extract, alcohol and specific weight after filtration
  • concentration of CO2, extract, alcohol and specific weight during mixing and carbonation
  • O2, CO2, extract, alcohol and specific weight before filling.

Centec systems are used in:

  • purification and degassing of water,
  • process systems from brewhouse to bottling,
  • cleaning in place (CIP).


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