HS Aseptic

The heat sterilized NITRODOSE® HSA G2 and steam sterilized NITRODOSE® HSA G3, both precisely deliver sterile, low pressure liquid nitrogen for all aseptic filling lines.

  • Single phase LN2 dose with an accuracy +/-3% for consistent pressure results
  • Discrete dosing up to 750cpm for minimum LN2 consumption
  • Lowest delivery pressure available to minimize splashing




  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Fully vacuum jacketed for complete frost free operation
  • Equipped with single or redundant 0.2 micron gas filters
  • Shiny aseptic

Safety and Cleanliness

  • Microbiologically validated by the National Food Lab
  • Automated integrity self-checks before and after each sterilization cycle
  • Full CE compliant
  • Sterile purge gas for protection against frost at nozzle

smooth surface



Continuously self monitored system with alarm outputs.

  • Siemens based PLC controls with touch screen panel for ease of operation
  • HSA Siemens handheld
  • Ethernet communication capabilities
  • Includes encoder option for position based dosing
  • On the fly precision dose adjustment
  • Dose compensation logic for consistent results over a wide variation of line speeds
  • User selectable language accessed thru touch screen menu
  • No container/no dose function standard
  • Valve cycle counter with automatic notification at service intervals



Customer Specified Design

different options customer specified design


Communication utility between doser and filler


Amount of containers/revolution to be specified.

  • 15 m cable
  • shaft coupling for 10mm shaft sizes (bracket not included).

Siemens based PLC controls with touch screen panel for ease of operation

HSA control panel with Siemens 1200 plc integrated