Non-alcoholic beer is taking the market by storm!

Non-alcoholic beer is taking the market by storm … we invite you to the sensational film material.

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Mr. Janusz Palikot, a visionary and patron of the Polish alcohol market, opens a new chapter and inspires beer and strong alcohol producers.
– The non-alcoholic beer market in Poland grew by 80 percent last year. This segment is undergoing a revolution, as are craft and regional beers. We want to respond to this demand and offer high-quality products that, despite dealcoholization, will retain their basic properties – argued Janusz Palikot
In addition to the distribution of non-alcoholic breweries, the new company will offer two more services. The first is dealcoholization for other producers. – In order for the brewery owner to be able to do it independently, he needs an investment of PLN 3 million. Now, instead of incurring such costs, he will be able to turn to us. I think that there may be a good profit from it – said Palikot.

Tomasz Kopyra ( as well as Janusz Palikot and Sebastian Jabłoński on a trip to Germany to take a close look at the machine for quality beer dealcoholization.
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