BOV is an innovative aerosol production technology that offers significant benefits over traditional aerosols. It is an emerging technology that is rapidly replacing propellant sprays in many markets.
  • Compressed air only is used to propel and dispense the product. No harmful or flammable propellants.
  • Product is isolated in an air tight bag inside the can.
  • Product is not contaminated by propellant.
  • Sterilized products remain sterile.
  • Formula does not have to change to accommodate propellant.
  • Can be sprayed at any angle (even upside down).
  • 100% product evacuation from can (no waste).
  • Continuous pressure and spray pattern from beginning to end.

  • The can has a Bag on Valve unit placed in it.
  • Compressed air is then added to the can around the BOV unit.
  • The BOV unit is crimped onto the can sealing the compressed air inside.
  • The product is then injected into the bag in the can through the valve of the BOV unit. As the product fills the bag the volume remaining in the can is reduced, further increasing the pressure of the compressed air sealed in the can.
  • An actuator is installed to finish the package. When the actuator is pressed, the product is delivered at a consistent pressure and spray pattern.