The types SIGMAWIG ST 30 and ST  40 allow you to use the unique advantages of our fully welded Plate Heat Exchangers with larger volume flows up to 350 m³/h and exchange surface up to 90 m². The connection size of DN 150 fits to that new duties.

  • Suitable for liquids and gases outside of the range of gasketed plate heat exchangers especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Pressure frame bolted with painted carbon steel or with all welded 
    stainless steel.
  • Connection size DN 150 (6”).
  • High performance heringbone corrugation pattern.
  • Flow rates up to 350 m³/h.
  • Max. 90 m² heat transfer area per unit.

The new models SIGMAWIG ST 30 and ST  40 are avaliable in a fully welded version as seen on the picture and can also be ordered with movable frames to offer a more flexible use of the Plate Heat Exchanger.