Semi-Automatic Filling Machine TYPE: Z-2401


The semi-automatic filling machine is a device used for filling cans and glass or plastic bottles with liquid product (perfume). We carry two systems of filling devices in our offer:

  • Volume oriented (filling product in an amount compatible with the cylinder dosage setting)
  • Vacuum (filling „up to the level” regardless of the packaging capacity)

The filling system is selected depending on your requirements of:

  • Type of product (foaming, thick, etc.)
  • Type of packaging (glass, aluminum, plastic, etc.)

Our qualified group of experts will help you with advise on choosing the best system for your specific needs.

Technical data

Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 850 mm
Weight: ~ 20 kg (vacuum version); ~ 40 kg (volume oriented version)
Supply / Controls: Pneumatic
Containers height: 50 ± 300 mm
Standard system of filling: Vacuum („up to the level”)
Special design: According to the order – volume oriented dosing