Surface Treatment

Applications in surface technology are comparable to that of paint-coating systems, in part manufacture in mechanical engineering and in the electronics industry. Generally it involves the cleaning of the surface of adhering of contamination, grease, oil and fiber to produce a metallically clean finish. These preparation baths are heated up by means of plate heat exchangers to a pre-determined temperature level, and maintained at this level. The waste water occurring in the surface technical treatment is processed in various systems through the introduction of efficient plate heat exchangers.

Likewise, oil coolers are used for the cooling of machines employed in surface technical processing.

Typical tasks for SIGMA plate heat exchanger are:

  • Cooling of continuous casting systems
  • Cooling of furnace water
  • Cooling of compressor cooling water
  • Cooling of hydraulic oils
  • Tempering of baths for surface treatment (degreasing, flushing, phosphating)
  • Tempering of pickling and acid baths
  • Sewage treatment / cleaning

Application example: Decorative and functional surface technology

Electrolytic and chemical processes, which are used for coating metallic workpieces with inorganic or metallic layers, find application in the electroplating sector.

Space-saving, externally-located SIGMA plate heat exchangers from API Schmidt-Bretten are employed for the heating and tempering of these baths, which satisfy the thermal and hydraulic requirements by the use of different plate materials, plate geometry and resistant seals, and which are low-maintenance in operation.
Close contacts with leading manufacturers in surface technology and the resonance of end customers has made API Schmidt-Bretten,as a component supplier, one of the leading companies in the area of surface technology.