About VBS

Vacuum Barrier Systems (VBS) is the exclusive distributor of Vacuum Barrier Corporation (VBC), the leading American manufacturer of liquid nitrogen transfer systems.

As a supplier of liquid nitrogen transfer systems since 1978, VBS have an in depth knowledge on a number of specialized cryogenic processes.

Vacuum Barrier Systems offers a unique range of vacuum jacketed lines and cryogenic transfer systems. From short flexible hoses to large plant distribution systems, from “do it yourself” mail order sales to complete turnkey systems, Vacuum Barrier Systems will provide the most cost effective solution.

With over 30 years of experience serving various industries, strong links with installation companies and gas suppliers in different countries and technical support from world leaders in their fields, VBS can handle both small and big projects.

In addition to transfer lines, VBS also specializes in specific cryogenic process equipment such as LN2 dosing systems for the food and beverage industry, LN2 circulation systems for MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy), spraying systems for halogen lights manufacturing…

Activities of VBS cover all European countries, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and India.