Spray Head Inserter TYPE: Z-1101

This is a machine to be installed with the technological line for the aerosol production. It is used to automatically insert spray heads on crimped aerosol cans that have been pre-filled with the product and gas. The device operates in an automatic cycle. It consists of an indexing module with a 12-socket receiving set for cans with a diameter of 35 – 66 mm and a height of up to 320 mm (each diameter requires a different guiding set) and a Z-3102 vibrating spray head sorter. The device ensures a perfect centering of both the can and the spray head. Placing of spray heads is done quickly, preventing the escape of the product during the process. Very high precision and reliability increases productivity and reduces the amount of line maintenance needed during the production.

Types of supported heads: depending on the order
Height of supported cans: 65 – 330 mm
Diameter of supported cans: 35 – 66 mm (larger diameters available on a special order)

Standard capacity stands at 1,000 ÷ 3,000 pcs/h (16 ÷ 50 pcs/min.). The maximum capacity of the system stands at 3,600 pcs/h (60 pcs/min.) and depends on the type of spray head and on valves used in the process.