SIGMASHELL Shell & Plate

SIGMASHELLLaser-welded plate heat exchanger 
for thermal treatment of liquids, vapour and gas.

Heat transfer surface up to 700 m2 per unit.

Applicable in all industrial sectors like chemical & petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, 
renewable energies, bio energy, power generation, pulp & paper, steel mills and coking plants.

Operational limits:
– Operating pressure from vakuum up to 150 barg
– Operating temperature from -200°C up to 550°C
– Viscosities up to 8.000 mPas

Available in all current plate materials.

Shell construction: all welded or accessible to one or two sides.

Multi-pass possible for shell and plate side.

Calculation can be done for counter-current flow, co-current flow and cross flow.

Fishbone corrugation pattern for high and low heat transfer characteristics.