It is a mobile construction made to the highest safety standards. The gas house is equipped with an AMR Z-1019, which automatically fills gas into aerosol cans (unmanned operation).

The gas house is equipped with the following systems:

  • Very well developed ventilation system with two Ex fans, providing multiple changes of circulating air per minute.
  • Heating with a heat exchanger which supplies heated air to the AMR device.
  • Gas filling head heating system effectively preventing gas filling heads from freezing.
  • Gas shut-off valves controlled by a gas detection system.
  • Professional gas detection system guaranteeing safe operation. The system is equipped with 4 detectors.
  • Multi-stage warning system and CCTV providing for an early response to any potential danger.
  • Access monitoring system. The access door is protected in the event of an opening when the unit is running. Such unauthorized opening of the door will shut down the entire line. This prevents any possible disruption of air exchange cycle.

The entire steel construction is clad with smooth or corrugated steel sheet with or without RAL color paint according to the order. The inner walls of the gas house are made of stainless steel. All ventilation ducts are made of stainless steel. The unit is of a lightweight plastic roof design.