Semi-Automatic Filler TYPE: Z-2001

The semi-automatic filler Z-2001 fills a liquid product into the cans. Depending on the type of product (dense, foaming, caustic, etc.), the device may be equipped with a special filling head.
Technical specification

Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 1170 mm
Weight: ~ 50 kg
Power supply / Controls: Pneumatic
Height of supported cans: 30 ÷ 330 mm
Diameter of supported cans: 22 ÷ 66 mm
Standard dosage: up to 100, 300 or 420 ml
Special designs: AISI 316, ATEX, GMP – on request

Semi Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Broad selection of our products designed to fill aerosol cans provides an indispensable help for companies operating in the various sectors of chemistry, pharmaceutics and cosmetics industry. Spray filling machine that we offer can be used in filling the cans up with various liquid products, regardless of their individual characteristics. It means that one can make use of our device in case of foamy, caustic, dense substances as well as the other liquids which were not mentioned. When it is necessary, semi-automatic aerosol filling machine can be reinforced with a suitable filling head. The technical specifications of the aforementioned device result in a fact that this is a relatively simple aerosol can filling machine. Pneumatic controls and an impressively wide range of supported cans, taking into consideration both diameter of a liquid and height of a can, are features that our users value the most. For this reason, a semi-automatic crimping machine that we deliver meets the expectations of all people involved in the different stages of chemistry production.