In addition to our Bar & Plate designs, API Heat Transfer offers vacuum brazed aluminum radiators in either two-row or three-row depths and with a variety of external fins to match different environmental conditions.

These cost effective, light weight tube & header radiators are the perfect solution for either stationary or mobile engine cooling applications. Radiators can be provided as a stand alone component, but most often would be combined with our bar & plate oil coolers and CAC’s to form a complete cooling solution.
Aluminum braze significantly improves the durability of the radiator as compared to traditional soldered designs. And API Heat Transfer’s vacuum brazing process allows for the use of higher strength aluminum alloys compared to CAB brazing.

Tanks are designed to meet each customer’s particular piping requirements and are welded into place for superior integrity compared to crimped-on tanks. Welded aluminum tanks can be fabricated, stamped or cast depending on application and volume.

Size Range:
20″ minimum to 50″ maximum
Core Width:
12″ minimum to 40″ maximum
2-1/4″ to 3-1/2″
External Fin Types:Louvered, Louver-less, Slit Window