Zigler Poland – About

It is a great pleasure to introduce to you ZIGLER POLAND.

Zigler ia a producer of machinery and devices for product filling into the aerosol cans and glass bottles with atomizers. In 2009 diversified their offer to include filling lines.

The main goal of Zigler company is to produce machinery of the highest quality. This is enabled by continuous development of the latest technologies and the use of best components. Thus, the ZIGLER brand is getting increasingly acknowledged and recognised by customers all around the world. Their machines operate now in over 18 countries.

Highly qualified aerosol engineer team, best structural designers in the sector who have been designing aerosol machines for over 20 years, and a very well developed design department using the cutting-edge software, applying the ISO 9001:2008 standard, make it possible to extend a 24-month warranty for ZIGLER products.

The ZIGLER team counts over 40 people now. Ample, 20 year long experience of the management acquired through many filling line implementation projects allows the Company to provide custom made products precisely fitted to our customers’ needs. Each line is unique, made to meet all specifications given customers.

Still, machines are not the only part of Zigler’s offer. They also provide comprehensive support for clients, especially to those who begin their adventure with aerosols production. Full aftersales service and assistance, development of technology for selected products, technical support before and during building of a new facility, staff training, help with selection and purchase of components necessary for the production of aerosols. Zigler offers also maintenance and refurbishments of equipment made by Swiss company Pamasol.