Automatic Gasifying Module


Automatic gas filling module Z-1019 is an automatic gas filling DEVICE (through crimped valves) into aerosol cans. The use of different dosing heads depends on your order specifications. The design of the unit allows an addition of up to 4 dosing heads.

In order to find more details please watch the video showing the process of the device operation installed in the ZIGLER automatic production line.

Due to the process runs, the unit is by default made to be used in potentially explosive areas (Group II, device category 2G, in accordance with 94/9/EC).

Technical specifications

Depth: 1030 mm
: 1100 mm
: 2080 mm
: ~ 440 kg
Power type:
Required air pressure: 0,8 – 1,0 MPa (8 – 10 bar)
Dosage range:
up to 1,000 ml (in case of use of four heads)
Types of filled gases: according to order (LPG, DME, R134A, CO2, N2…)
Size of supported cans: 65 – 330 mm
Diameters of supported cans: 35 – 66 mm
Capacity: Usually it is assumed to be 1,000 ÷ 3,000 pcs/h (16 ÷ 50 pcs/min). The maximum capacity of the system stands at 3,600 pcs/h (60 pcs/min) and depends on a product type and a size of cans used in the process.