Single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps for advanced applications

The GEA Hilge HYGIA is the swiss knife among Hygienic Pumps. The series consist of single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps, designed for the use in industries with high demands to hygiene and flexibility.

Corresponds to the highest hygiene requirements

Only high-quality materials are used for the GEA Hilge HYGIA, which have been carefully selected for use in hygienic processes and meet the highest hygiene standards worldwide. The housings, for example, are made of deep-drawn CrNiMo rolled steel and have a smooth, pore- and blowhole-free surface (Hygienic Design). This ensures optimum cleanability and high process reliability for a wide variety of applications in the beverage, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Certified pump design

The CIP and SIP capable HYGIA pumps facilitate the qualification of the pump in the plant through extensive customer and requirement specific documentation and certificates like EHEDG, 3-A, FDA. Thanks to the mechanical seal optimally positioned in the pump, a flushed design can often be avoided. In addition, the pump in completely self-draining if installed vertically, even without a drain valve.

Suitable also for ATEX areas

For pumps that are used in potentially explosive areas, the HYGIA is available in the Adapta variant. This design, which has an EC declaration of conformity in accordance with the ATEX guideline 2014/34/EU, can be used in device categories 2 and 3.

Uszczelnienia mechaniczne — Wybierz właściwe

Do wyboru dostępny jest szeroki zakres uszczelnień mechanicznych dostosowanych do różnych czynników i zastosowań. Uszczelnienia mechaniczne stosowane w pompach GEA Hilge HYGIA to pojedyncze wbudowane uszczelki utrzymujące optymalną pozycję w cieczy.

Service-friendly concept due to quick and easy replacement of wearing parts

The quick-opening pump housing of the HYGIA series allows easy access to wearing parts. One sealing concept for the entire centrifugal pump portfolio minimizes the stocking of wear parts logistics, which is a clear advantage in terms of cost and availability for customers.

The patented Adapta design allows quick and easy motor replacement, where the pump can remain in the pipeline. Thus, revalidation of the system after an engine change is not necessary for pharmaceutical applications.

GEA Hilge Fast Track Program – We give you priority

For emergencies or when fast delivery within two days is required, we have developed the GEA Hilge Fast Track program. Each pump within the program is ready to ship in 2 days, Guaranteed! Here you can find the models and information about the ordering process.

Wide range of applications for the premium centrifugal pump

The GEA Hilge HYGIA pump can be used flexibly for all areas of application where reliable hygienic pump functionality is required. These include:


  • Beer (incl. wort, mash, yeast)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Juices and concentrates
  • Soft drinks
  • CIP


  • Milk
  • Milk-mix drinks
  • CIP

Pharma and biopharma:

  • WFI (water for injection)
  • Infusion
  • Insulin
  • Blood and blood plasma
  • Nutrient solutions
  • CIP


  • Flavors
  • Proteins
  • Liquid food
  • Oils
  • CIP

Technical data

GEA Hilge HYGIA50 Hz60 Hz
Flow180 m³/h180 m³/h
Head77 m110 m
Operating temperatureup to 95 °C (150 °C upon request)
Sterilization temperatureup to 140 °C (SIP)
Operating pressurePN 16 (PN 25 upon request)

Design variants

Standard variantsDescription
GEA Hilge HYGIA AdaptaClose-coupled pump with bearing bracket and coupling, horizontal installation
GEA Hilge HYGIA Adapta-SUPERClose-coupled pump with bearing bracket and coupling, horizontal installation, motor with stainless steel shroud
GEA Hilge HYGIA KClose-coupled pump with plug-in shaft connection, horizontal installation (up to 22kW)
GEA Hilge HYGIA K-SUPERClose-coupled pump with plug-in shaft connection, motor with stainless steel shroud, horizontal installation
Variations upon requestDescription
GEA Hilge HYGIA tronicMotor with built-in frequency converter (up to 22 kW)