Meccanica Spadoni is a company that produces and sells filtration and refrigeration units acting worldwide since over 60 years operating for the beverage and the chemical industries.

The production has been lately completed even with Brew Houses from 6hl to 150 hl which have become increasingly in the last years as a standard production, integrated by all complementary component or accessories that are part of a complete plant, such as the malt crushing mill, the heat exchangers, the fermenters, as well as the maturation tanks, and the refrigeration plants, CIP installation, etc.

Meccanica Spadoni Company manufactures complete and simple plants which almost all of them are equipped with all automatic controls and devices that, if on one hand, leave the master brewer to ‘create’ its own beer, and on the other hand they provide him the tools to “set” the procedures, the basic parameters by which he obtains the product and making it perfectly reproducible.

In fact, the integrated automation system of the plant allows generating the same product from the same recipe, with the possibility to vary the existing ones in a practical and fast way.

As for the architecture and the engineering of the plants, the Company develops solutions ranging from the industrial grade in AISI 304, in compliance with all the technological and hygienic standards requirements, up to the copper coated plants.

The basic plants are of the traditional ‘all grain’ type for beers for both high and low fermentation, with steam or diathermic oil heating and other plants are special equipment designed for brewing coming from extract process. In summary, the Company supplies: – Grinding Mills – Brewing chambers for decoction, infusion, or mixed with 2 or more vats (from 6 to 150 Hl) with gas, electric or steam heating – Fermentation, maturation and storage tanks (from12to300hl) -Whirlpools-Specific filters (filtration vats or press filters for must, for filtering aids use as well as for plate or cartridge or cross-flow filters for beer, press or rotary filters for residual filtration process) – Chiller units – Dry- Hoppers – Etc., etc. The Spadoni staff is at disposal for all clients to elaborate and propose plants adaptable to individual requirements.

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