The premiere of the new Centec GmbH controller

At the BrauBeviale beer fair in Nuremberg, which took place from the twelfth to November 14, 2019, the premiere of the new controller took place with the touch panel of measuring devices from Centec GmbH.

From March 2020, all measuring devices supplied by Centec GmbH in the stationary version mounted on the pipeline will be equipped with a touch panel. There will be several languages to choose from, including Polish. The touch operator panel is extremely easy to use. The availability of the product menu from the main screen of the panel, intuitive navigation, the ability to enter several levels of access to the meter settings, and most importantly a clear reading of the parameter value being measured – these are the advantages of the new display and touch panel.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that the introduction of the touch panel will not affect the price of the delivered devices in any way.

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